Somewhere In-Between (SIB) Group

Are you Somewhere In Between graduating from college and sending your kids to college? Then this may be the group for you!

The Somewhere In-Between (SIB) group started in 2000 when several young couples and singles, most of whom were new to Vancouver First, got together to enjoy fellowship over a meal and came away with a sense of belonging. The SIB group is a great place to find friends who can relate to the hectic schedule of families with young kids. Whether it’s supporting a friend with a listening ear, or pitching in to help at a church work day. From monthly potlucks/ gatherings to full-blown camping retreats, the SIB’s try to find God in the everyday things that we all can relate to.

Monthly Potluck Dinners

The SIB’s host monthly potluck dinners on the last Sunday of each month at 5:00pm in Jason Lee Hall. For more information about the SIB”s  or if you are interested in joining the group for a great food and fellowship, please contact Bill & Elizabeth Owen or the church office at 360-693-5881.

Past Events:

Volunteering at Clark County Food Bank – A group of twenty traveled to the Clark County Food Bank to help package some food. It was a great outreach project for the whole family.

Retreat – We had another wonderful SIB Retreat in 2015 over memorial weekend. Held each year at Ocean Park Camp, this is a chance to get away and get closer to God, and to your fellow SIBs. The adults enjoyed fellowship and of course, the kids enjoyed play time and fun, with time at the beach as well.